About DNA Art US

Customer Satisfaction is Our Business

Established in 2010 our objectives remain the same today as they were then; that is, to provide high-quality personalized artwork together with excellent customer service.

When we receive your order we will acknowledge that and communicate the status of the order as is progresses through the different stages of producing your DNA artwork. You will always know what is happening and what to expect.


We are focused on the quality of your experience and our product. That means we put in extra effort to ensure your satisfaction. We source the finest materials and use genuine craftsman. We don’t save a dollar at your expense.

The lab process alone takes many hours over a five to ten day period. Our designer creates every piece individually to your chosen specifications and our printer uses the latest production equipment and techniques.

Each one of our products are delivered complete and ready to hang on your wall, all you provide are the wall fixings for your construction type.



We pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers and that includes discretion, honesty, and peace of mind. In today’s world personal contact is lost much of the time so we communicate in a timely manner and we are always available to answer the questions our customers have.

You will receive a digitally signed certificate of authenticity from the president of the company to assure you of the integrity of your DNA Vision artwork. Our laboratory holds the necessary accreditation required for their industry and they destroy all DNA samples once your unique pattern is created. We guarantee our art and want you to be happy and satisfied.


We feel our products best interpret and display the unique DNA pattern in all of us. We get creative every day and never more so than when we are asked to produce a fully customized piece. Over the years we have produced custom pieces on rare and exotic materials, produced wall sized artwork over eight feet tall, created new formats for customers and used the colors of corporate logos to personalize artworks.

The base materials we use are popular because, well, they look so good! Our acrylic products radiate color and warmth. Metal shimmers and changes with the light and is strong and light in weight. Canvas is very traditional and the gallery wrap adds a contemporary touch. Our printing processes are innovative and maximize clarity and light transmission.

Display your DNA Vision art digitally also, on TVs, digital photo frames, PCs and more. Our Digital range offers you the opportunity to print locally on any material of your own choosing.