How it Works

Unique Art from Your DNA

Our process is logical, straightforward, and easy to follow. Start here:


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Easy Online Ordering

Choose your preferred format, material, color, size and image enhancements with our comprehensive, multiple choice process. Every relevant option is available. See how your color choice(s) look during the ordering process.


Painless DNA Collection

Our clinical swab is sealed until you open it. Then carefully rub the inside of your cheek so a few cells from the inner cheek membrane are absorbed within the cotton. Place the cotton swab back into the sterile sleeve provided in the DNA collection kit and place it in the metal box, for safety, and mail it back to us.

To ensure your privacy, this package has a unique numerical code which is linked to your personal data prior to sending the DNA kit. Writing your name and address on the envelope is not necessary.


DNA Vision TAGCy Data Collection

Upload a section of your raw genetic data - all those rows of A's, T's, C's and G's - to the data repository during the Buy Now process and we will produce your DNA Vision TAGCy artwork for you. Once again, for your privacy, the data is deleted once the artwork is completed.


Behind the Scenes

The laboratories are state-of-the-art facilities; fully accredited and certified by the agencies that govern them and the results are guaranteed authentic. Following production, the DNA and gel pattern are destroyed in the lab.

Our designers convert the raw lab image into something that you'll be able to display with pride. The image is digitally enhanced and customized per your order.

We use only the finest materials and craftsmen when printing our products on whichever material you choose – acrylic, canvas, or metal. They are printed by leading design and print studios for unrivaled quality. The final product is delivered ready for you to hang on your wall.