Complimentary Materials Augment Your DNA Vision

The materials we offer are selected for the way they enhance the DNA art being displayed. We also consider durability, longevity and each material undergoes extensive sampling and testing before it is added to our range.

Digital enables the most modern of displays on high-quality electronic media. It also provides a means to enjoy the artwork on your wall by printing locally on any material of your choosing.



Our DNA Vision Digital range displays the visual representation of DNA bands in a full resolution digital file.
When displayed on TV the backlit image radiates the vibrant colors and patterns of the DNA art. Present your digital image on a vast number of display media including flat screen TVs, digital picture frames, tablets and more.
Or use the digital file to print your own wall art on the exotic media you choose.



Our DNA Vision range on Acrylic displays the visual representation of DNA bands on an optically clear sheet of 1/4" or 1/2" acrylic with hanging battens to rear. Acrylic is half the weight of glass but with a transparency rate of 93% making acrylic the clearest material known.

This stunning range offers a sleek and contemporary finish that highlights incredible color reproduction and gives the impression of the image floating behind glass with no frame.

This product will look good in any environment with any lighting and is highly recommended by us.



Our DNA Vision range on Canvas displays the visual representation of DNA bands using state of the art print technology. This provides a wide color gamut and offers consistent photo quality imaging, perfect for creating high-end art.

Our superior printing process provides you with a very durable piece of art without the need to add any additional varnish. It is delivered hand stretched and wrapped over a deep gallery frame. Each canvas comes ready for easy installation. All you need are the fixings for your wall type.

Our printer and framer has over 20 years experience and is recognized as a leading fine art printer in the United States.



Our DNA Vision range on Metal displays the visual representation of DNA bands printed on to a contemporary 1/8th inch brushed aluminum composite sheet. This product is made of two sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core and hanging battens to rear. Lighter than aluminum yet engineered to retain superior flatness over time.

You can see the grain of the metal through the printing and it interacts with natural light creating a stunning effect that won't fail to get noticed. From certain angles your image will sparkle.

This is perfect for well lit rooms and will be a focal (and vocal) point in your room for years to come.