Ch’ Ch’ Changes

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Over the past few months, we have made some changes to how we process orders. We reviewed customer feedback, reviewed our processes and sought to improve on what we do well and what we did not do efficiently. That started with a very detailed look at all our practices and procedures. The outcome is more options for our customers and savings across 75% of our product range.

There followed a period of detailed business efficiency transformation which touched on every part of our business. No stone was left unturned. Throughout this activity, it has remained important to us to maintain our exacting levels of customer service, product diversity and, of course, quality.

What you will notice are advances in our product range and changes to our pricing structure.

The changes and improvements in our efficiencies are passed through to the website in the form of increased options and reduced pricing. In fact, we have reduced prices on 75% of our product range. The Duo range benefits from savings of up to 26% and the Multi-range has savings of up to 15%. The ever-popular DNA Vision ® Original Large options have savings of up to 24%.

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